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Chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Koo Yuen Kim D.P.T.J.J.P

Tan Sri Dato’ Koo is a renowned Malaysian Chinese entrepreneur and a well-known figure in both the Malaysian business world and Malaysian Chinese community. He is a charitable and benevolent person. He is good at macroeconomics and making bold decisions. As a representative of the overseas Chinese business leader, he has also been honored by 27 of China’s district governments as an “Honorable Citizen”. He has been selected as the ‘Chinese Celebrity’ (Chinese Celebrity Vol.2000) and won the Contributory Award of the Hope Project, National Disaster Relief Precursor Award, Top 100 Chinese Philanthropist Award, recognized by China Charity Award, Top 10 Philanthropist Award., etc.

Presently, Tan Sri Dato’ Koo serves the following roles:

  • Vice Chairman of the First and Second Councils of the China Narcotics Control Foundation
  • Vice President of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (COCEA)
  • Vice President of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs (CFOCE)
  • Consultant of the 6th Council of China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA)
  • Overseas Consultant of the 10th Committee of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  • Committee Member of the China Charity Alliance (CCA)
  • Committee Member of China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF)
  • Committee Member of China Charity Information Centre
  • Director of Jinan University Board of Trustees
  • The 10th and 11th Guangdong CPPCC Committee Special Appointed Member
  • President of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Enterprises Association (OCIE)
  • Committee Member of the Guangdong Public Diplomacy Association
  • Executive director of the Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Overseas Exchange Association of Guangdong Province (OEAGDP)
  • Honorary Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Qiaoxin Charity Foundation
  • Honorary President of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Foundation
  • Honorary President of Guangdong Charity Federation
  • President of Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  • Honorary Chairman of Zhongshan Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)
  • Permanent Honorary President of Zhongshan Charity Association
  • Consultant of Zhongshan Public Diplomacy Association
  • Vice President of Zhongshan Overseas Friendship Association
  • Honorary Chairman of Zhongshan and Meizhou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  • Permanent Honorary President, Zhongshan Hakka Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, Tan Sri Dato’ Koo also serves as:

  • Chairman of The Federation of Kwang Tung Association Malaysia
  • Deputy Chairman of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association
  • President of the Malaysia-China Culture & Arts Association
  • Executive President of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification in Malaysia
  • General Finance of the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia
  • Permanent Honorary President of the Malaysia Hakka Association
  • Permanent Honorary Chairman of the Persatuan Belia Xiang Lian Malaysia- Charity and Education Foundation
  • Honorary President of the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  • President of the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia
  • Honorary President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
Vice Chairman Mr. Hooy Kok Wai

Mr. Hooy Kok Wai is a renowned Singaporean entrepreneur of exceptional management acumen. He has rich management and marketing experience in the Direct Selling Industry. He is friendly, open minded and bright personality, expert in motivating and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. He is a well-known philanthropist and respected by many.

Mr. Hooy is an Honorary Citizen of Zhongshan, Guangdong province, as well as other Chinese cities. Besides being the Honorary Chairman of Zhongshan Association of Singapore, he is also associated with numerous leadership duties in Singapore business consortiums such as being the Director of the Yen Lee Group, Singapore.

Vice Chairman Dato' Woo Swee Lian

Dato’ Woo is the 2nd generation of Malaysian Chinese, he is the incumbent Vice Chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. and CEO of Perfect Global Management Ltd. In addition, he is the Executive Vice Chairman of Beijing Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Founding President of APAC Tsinghua CEO CCI Bhd, Honorary Chairman of the Guangdong Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, and Director of the Board of Directors of Huaqiao University.

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