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Perfect (China) Co., Ltd.

Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. is an overseas Chinese enterprise established in 1994. PERFECT's headquarters is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. On December 1, 2006, the Ministry of Commerce had approved the dedicated outlets of PERFECT to sell health food, household, skin care, and personal care products.

Overseas Chinese Enterprise Rooted in China

The chairman of PERFECT, Tan Sri Dato' Koo Yuen Kim, D.P.T.J.J.P, is a well-known third generation Malaysian Chinese; the vice chairmen, Mr. Hooy Kok Wai and Dato' Woo Swee Lian, are the second-generation Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. With PERFECT mission of “Perfect Living For All”, PERFECT’s top management has made sincere commitments to the community for the “Three Everlasting Principles”: Perfect’s commitment to provide consumers with quality products has never changed; its commitment to provide its distributors with boundless growth opportunities has never changed; its commitment to its long-term investment in China has never wavered.

With more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, PERFECT has established a unique "root culture" system and has grown into a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service as a driving force to achieve the annual sales target of over RMB10 billion. To date, PERFECT owns thirty-four branches, six offices, and more than 10,000 chain outlets have been established in various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. Concurrently, by developing the strategy of “China as the springboard to the world,” PERFECT makes its thrust to the global market with the establishment of offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and, other countries.

Upholding its firm belief of long-term development strategy in China, in 2004, PERFECT established the East China production base in Yangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Jiangsu Province - Yangzhou Perfect Co., Ltd., adopting the internationally advanced, fully intelligent and closed production system, continually improving the level of intelligent manufacturing and the product quality, and becomes a leading enterprise in manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province.

Science and technology lead the future, and wisdom has been a foundation for centuries. Under the vision of “An Everlasting Perfect, A Global Perfect”, in 2011, PERFECT invested in the South China production base in Huanan Modern Chinese Medicine City, Nanlang, Zhongshan City, and fully promoted the Perfect (China) “Internet +” industrial upgrading project, strived to achieve transformation and upgrading with intelligent manufacturing, and build an intelligent manufacturing demonstration base in Guangdong Province and even the country.

While PERFECT is committed to market development, it continually improves its product structure at the same time. In 2011, PERFECT joined forces with Jilin Jifushen Bio-development Co., Ltd. to promote the development of China's ginseng high-end industry, and to create a standardized ginseng engineering innovation platform and a ginseng deep processing industrialization base.

In 2017, PERFECT invested in the construction of health food and related supporting production bases in Huaibei, Anhui Province. At present, PERFECT's investment in China covers a total area of ​​more than 1,100 mu (approximately 733,300 square meters, 183 football fields). Leveraging on their respective geographical advantages, Perfect’s major production bases have achieved the division of labour and the optimal allocation of logistics resources in different regional production projects, greatly enhanced PERFECT's core competitiveness.

Management with Integrity. Pursuit of Quality

Integrity is the fundamental quality of an individual and the way of the business. Since its establishment, PERFECT has been ranked as one of the significant taxpayers in Zhongshan City for many years and has been nominated as the top 100 significant taxpayers in Guangdong. Integrity management, the “win-win” mutual benefit approach and the respect for fair competitions, are the guiding principles of growth for PERFECT. PERFECT is committed to its "three-core values management" - HUMANITY as the basis of management, CONSCIENCE as the standard of operation, and COMPASSION as the fundamental element for interaction, to continually improve the various consumerism and employment security system, in the pursuit of providing the ultimate satisfaction to its business owners, associates, employees, consumers, and society as a whole.

In January 2003, PERFECT was awarded several prestigious and internationally recognized certifications: the HACCP Food Safety Certification, the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and the ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification; in July 2013, PERFECT was awarded the ISO22716/GMPC Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice Certification; in April 2008, the Inspection and Testing Center of PERFECT Quality Assurance Department was accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). In November 2014, it was designated by the Guangdong Institute for Drug Control (GDIDC) as a domestic Non-Special-Purpose cosmetic filing and inspection agency. It can produce the microbiological and hygienic chemistry inspection reports for domestic non-special-purpose cosmetics.

To further strengthen the self-produced and distribute, independent research and development (R&D) and innovation capabilities, PERFECT actively taps and applies the exceptional achievements of universities and research institutes, and transform them into marketable products with commercial value and satisfying consumer demand. PERFECT has carried out project cooperation research and development with Jiangnan University, China Agricultural University, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China National Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Rutgers University of the United States to formulate new product development strategies, and improve product competitiveness. PERFECT's R&D center was recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Functional Department as “Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology Center” and “Guangdong Province Aloe and Bioactive Peptide Engineering Technology Research and Development Center.”

Social Welfare, Uniting Hearts

Although PERFECT's founders are overseas Chinese, they have a strong national spirit and Chinese traditional cultural sentiments. They have inherited the “Fraternal Spirit” of the great Mr. Sun Yat-Sen and the national ethics spirit of “Building the country through education” of Mr. Chen Jiageng, the patriotic Overseas Chinese. “By the Community, For the Community” is the driving force of PERFECT’s charity philosophy promoting the "harmonious advancement of the Chinese community." For the past 20 years, PERFECT has devoted itself to various social welfare undertakings, such as the Hope Project, the western development, disaster relief, environmental protection, Sports Medicine, Culture and Art, and supports military advancement. It has gradually formed a charity system with the main focus of donating to the construction and the running of the “Hope Primary Schools’ and the “Hope Teachers’ project; promoting the “Water Cellar for Mothers” Project, advocating the blood donation drive, participating in the annual charity walk, supporting Chinese education, promoting anti-drug campaign. The total donation to date amounted to nearly RMB800 million.

As an overseas Chinese-funded enterprise, PERFECT inherits and carries forward the admirable traditions of the patriotic foreign Chinese predecessors, and is determined to thrive into a leading company in the direct selling industry in China, Asia, and the world, and to present the overseas Chinese spirit and Chinese culture to the whole world. As the Malaysian foreign Chinese leader, Chairman Tan Sri Dato' Koo has been the acting president of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association. It is a model for overseas Chinese businesspeople in Guangdong and even the whole country. While realizing the advancement of PERFECT itself, he actively inspires the overseas Chinese, both local and abroad, to join hands in the building of their ancestral country. Chairman Tan Sri Dato' Koo was awarded the “China Charity Award,” the highest award in the charity field in China by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for seven times and was elected as “2016 Top Ten Economy Leader in China”. PERFECT has won the "Top 100 Star Overseas Enterprise", "China Charity Special Contribution Award," "National Blood Donation Promotion Award," "Charity Promoter Award" and other honors.

With the invaluable experience gained by PERFECT over the past 20 years, the perfect corporate culture has brought about the bountiful heritage of perfect life. With the firm belief of the strategic pledge of “An Everlasting Perfect, A Global Perfect,” PERFECT will press on relentlessly in its pursuit of Perfection.

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