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Name:AO Plus/ Jian Yi Tea(box)

Jian Yi Tea/AO-Plus is blended with Seabuckthorn berries, Tea leaves and Chicory plant. The presence of Inulin in Chicory promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Thus it can help in promoting good digestion, improving urinary system, boosting the immune function and enhance metabolic process. This product is sucrose-free, so regular consumption will not cause obesity or tooth decay. It is also suitable for the diabetic.

Main Ingredients: Chicory powder, Black Tea Powder, Seabuckthorn Powder

Recommended Dosage: Mix 5g of Jian Yi Tea/AO Plus powder in 200ml of lukewarm water or 150ml of cold water, according to individual taste.

Storage: Keep in cool & dry place.

Suitable For: Adults and children (3 years old above)

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