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Name:Aloe Gel(single pack)

The gel is extracted from natural aloe vera which are imported from USA by using the most advanced "cold-stabilizing" method. Thus it contains high purity of aloe vera extracts without any chemical contamination. It soothes discomfort and non-irritant. The packing of Aloe Gel is exquisite, portable and hence convenient to be carried along anywhere. It is ideal as daily necessity.


  1. This is a natural and safe product, it soothes discomfort and non-irritant.
  2. The aloe gel can stop bleeding, acesodyne and wound healing.
  3. A very good remedy for lacerations, abrasions, sores, scald, burn, acne, skin itching, mosquito bites, scarring, eczema

Main Ingredients: Natural Aloe Vera

Recommended Usage: Wash and dry the affected area and apply gel on it. Repeat use for better result.

Weight: 40g / pc

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